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There are all the users insulted by Ishkabibbles

2011-04-25 07:29:06 by TheThesukzass

Okay guys,i will make you happy.There are the list of you friends,and Ishkabibbles be angry :)

CartoonWarStudio - A young boy making lot of art and games,can be awesome in some years :)

ugolegend94 - I know you're insulted by this faggot,your art and games rock!

MikeyS9607 - An awesome user on NG making awesome quizzes,with he's 15 YO,can be 60 levels because he is not an idiot.

legodude2000 - This not a sucker,it's a user!

banglagirl00 - You're a girl make some blammed games,but the rest is awesome!

thomast555 - WOW!I'm 10 but i can't make tutorials,you are a very intelligent user :D

banglaboy96 - He get luck,is the brother of Banglagirl00,but he's game rock also!

rawern - I don't know,i go to he's profile but it say he not exist in the system :(

doppler73 - Just he making he's life!Just protect you with your voting power.

pickilow - Something is wrong with a submission,does america save Japan and no kill him.

apit2010 - You are strong for make submission at this age.Respond me what is blammed.

FairSquare - I don't know why Ishkabibbles is naughty with you.

eewgames - An spanish making games?So it's not very weird.

sanjeev98 -What is wrong with he?He make awesome games,arts and movies!

IncendiaryProduction - It's a very brave military,he also make awesome submissions?ROCK!

rockon12 - It's not a terrible artist,my favourite is the guitar!

tehtimmy4080 - A spammer???It's not a spammer!!!

Tycrane - You say he is cool,yes but why not for the users sent submissions?

Ishkabibbles - The worst user of NG,you people are happy :) but Ishkabibbles is a son of bitch!FUCK YOU Ishkabibbles!!!!!!!

There are all the users insulted by Ishkabibbles


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2011-04-25 08:59:22

Nice :D

TheThesukzass responds:

thanks :D


2011-04-25 09:00:23

Oh, it's Rawnern, not rawern.

TheThesukzass responds:

i know Ishkabibbles can't write anything XD


2011-04-25 09:29:34


TheThesukzass responds:



2011-04-25 19:14:03

I'm a golden god

(Updated ) TheThesukzass responds:

no you're a fucking faggot sucking the balls of charcoal125