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Just look my weird level

2011-03-17 13:23:55 by TheThesukzass

WTF?!Ok,please see my level,why it's my level a four-leaf clover???Just help me...I don't know very...write comments to help me and if you find what is the weird thing i vote all your games all the days...Thank for see the post


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2011-03-17 14:06:50

go level up to get a four leaf!!!
just kidding go level up and it will change i think

TheThesukzass responds:

yes because yesterday was the festival of ireland


2011-03-17 14:37:56

ooh wait it's sint patricks day that's why mine is it too i think this is it
its making logic right?? ok bye so dont worry

TheThesukzass responds:

sorry you never sent a game or movie submission :(


2011-03-19 08:23:24

hahaha no mather bud glad i help ya

TheThesukzass responds:



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