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Hey I'm back .

2013-11-10 13:47:16 by TheThesukzass

I'm sorry for all my bullshits ... I was little ^^'
I will create a new account for creating some games when i'm ready . I will give you all the username :)
I think i'll delete this account right now because it is rubbish so i must close it for a new adventure ! xD
Bye and thank for the users who support me !


2011-05-20 16:04:21 by TheThesukzass



Sorry guys.

2011-05-19 16:30:35 by TheThesukzass

This very important.I will quit Newgrounds for a reason:

1-Insults,i'm only 10 and the people can't control himself.
2-Submissions blammed,my first flash submission is blammed by an user.
3-Finally,annoying,i'm a bit annoying on Newgrounds,i'm playing Dofus and this very cool.I will quit Newgrounds for the 3 reason.

Sorry guys.

Ishkabibbles suck himself

2011-05-07 14:31:45 by TheThesukzass

Son of bitch
Hit his dick
KK fan
Ireland racist

Ishkabibbles suck himself

Planets :D

2011-05-04 18:09:10 by TheThesukzass

Hi.Here you can put your imagination countries and planets(only like earth).You can make also a continent.There is my own ;D...

NAME : Stufler
TYPE : Country
POPULATION : 421,425,669
SIZE : 1520,650 KM
SHAPE : Enchanted duck
LANGUAGE : English


You're not oblige to make the same order than me,you can make any order.So don't put a very weird country,planet or continent's name like "Sqrhg".And also don't put a naughty name like "Thethesukzasssuckland".You can only make the population 100 - 1500000000 for countries.Because if you put more than 1500 billions,the country look like weird.For planet you don't make the capital,language,shape and size(The continent also but no the shape,you need to put it).Please send me a URL of your country,i will save it.Now have fun,making your own imagination!

Planets :D

Remake :D

2011-04-29 16:26:00 by TheThesukzass

Ishkabibbles, a big jerk who does not behave well to the weak, which is racist japanese.Ishkabibbles, knows that insult people he does not heart.If you do not like it write a comment (always "I vote 1 "), if you like it go fuck you fans for your Ishkabibbles.Thanks for understanding.Try blocking Ishkabibbles to hurt him, he added me in his list of crap to fags.Please, help me.I am Japanese, you know?

Remake :D

There are all the users insulted by Ishkabibbles

2011-04-25 07:29:06 by TheThesukzass

Okay guys,i will make you happy.There are the list of you friends,and Ishkabibbles be angry :)

CartoonWarStudio - A young boy making lot of art and games,can be awesome in some years :)

ugolegend94 - I know you're insulted by this faggot,your art and games rock!

MikeyS9607 - An awesome user on NG making awesome quizzes,with he's 15 YO,can be 60 levels because he is not an idiot.

legodude2000 - This not a sucker,it's a user!

banglagirl00 - You're a girl make some blammed games,but the rest is awesome!

thomast555 - WOW!I'm 10 but i can't make tutorials,you are a very intelligent user :D

banglaboy96 - He get luck,is the brother of Banglagirl00,but he's game rock also!

rawern - I don't know,i go to he's profile but it say he not exist in the system :(

doppler73 - Just he making he's life!Just protect you with your voting power.

pickilow - Something is wrong with a submission,does america save Japan and no kill him.

apit2010 - You are strong for make submission at this age.Respond me what is blammed.

FairSquare - I don't know why Ishkabibbles is naughty with you.

eewgames - An spanish making games?So it's not very weird.

sanjeev98 -What is wrong with he?He make awesome games,arts and movies!

IncendiaryProduction - It's a very brave military,he also make awesome submissions?ROCK!

rockon12 - It's not a terrible artist,my favourite is the guitar!

tehtimmy4080 - A spammer???It's not a spammer!!!

Tycrane - You say he is cool,yes but why not for the users sent submissions?

Ishkabibbles - The worst user of NG,you people are happy :) but Ishkabibbles is a son of bitch!FUCK YOU Ishkabibbles!!!!!!!

There are all the users insulted by Ishkabibbles

Here you can write reviews.

Just look my weird level

2011-03-17 13:23:55 by TheThesukzass

WTF?!Ok,please see my level,why it's my level a four-leaf clover???Just help me...I don't know very...write comments to help me and if you find what is the weird thing i vote all your games all the days...Thank for see the post


2011-02-20 11:47:04 by TheThesukzass

Hello it's me!I'm a new user...I making games now just wait for the submissions and the movies as.
Enjoy,make nice comment,play the another games and be happy.